Digital Marketing

COMBBASE goes beyond direct marketing into digital marketing

This is why COMBBASE is a shareholder in COMSPHERE.

By using its subsidiary, COMSPHERE, COMBBASE is present in the convergence of Data and Digital by providing both consultancy and creation.
COMBBASE supports companies seeking to boost their web presence that, compared with their competitors, suffer from a lack of visibility in search engines and the social networks

Digital Marketing: COMBBASE has formed a strategie partnership with its subsidiary COMSPHERE to developp Digital campaigns

Advice and support: The creative proposal.

COMBBASE proposes a personalised digital way of work:

  • Brand positioning, a study of the company’s competition on the web, in search engines, social networks, blogs, and forums
  • Long-term commitment through an action plan of 3 months, 6 months, and up to 18 months, including analysis of the results and the ROI
  • Creative advice (banners,email) and HTML message encoding
  • The purchase of keywords and domain names
  • Natural and/or fee-based SEM/SEO
  • Websites
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Advice and support: the media planning

  • Operational recommendation: communication plan. targeting, creative advice, coordination, management, and monitoring
  • The action plan to reeruit new customers based on display campaigns (banners) and/or emailing campaigns. follow ups, multichannel actions, etc.) + SEM/SEO + social networks
  • Selection of media. Lists mediaplanning, web sites, newsletters, social media campaigns, pricing
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