B2C lists media planning

Building lists recommendations is in COMBBASE's DNA

COMBBASE relies on its subsidiary EUROLEADS (BtoC, International),on its long-standing partner OKTOS and on a network of partners, which allows it to add value to its operational recommendations; to offer the best lists media planning and to reply in the morst suitable way - in a totally impartial manner - to customer demand...

COMBBASErelies bothonits subsidiaries,DATA PROJECT and EUROLEADS (France and International) andona network of partners inFrance and in Europe (List4Europe), whichallows it to reply inthe most suitable way - ina totally impartialmanner - to customer demand.

B2C scoring :COMBBASE has formed a strategic partnership with OTKOStodevelop its B2C activities in Francefocused on the analysis of B2C data and the relevant ratings and scoring.

  • Wealth score,particularly inthe charity organization and automotive
  • Trendingvalue score, particularly inthe charity organizationsector logo OTKOS
  • Generationalscore,particularly in the press and healthcare/beauty sectors SoHos...

COMBBASE is now a shareholder in EUROLEADS to strengthen the positions of the two players anddevelop their businesses on BtoC Market :Press, E-commerce.

Advice and support :Lists recommendations for direct mail campaigns, e-mailing, telema rketing (internationa lly: depending on the quality of theflies available and the prevaili ng legislation in each country)

  • Data processing(Postal Normalisation,deduplication,cleaning)
  • Coordination of deduplication plans (lists selection,net names negotiations)
  • Roll-out of digital marketingcampaigns: postal address,phoning, emailing,mobile I SM S campaigns,social networks,referencing, SEOISEM,retargeting
  • Enhanced customer data (demographic,email,mobile numbers appending etc.)
  • EUROLEADS'exclusive lists portfolio: Datacards Euroleads

Activities of COMBBASE are 80% in France and 20% international area EUROLEADS and List4Europe add an international area.

Lists Management

Eurloeads is the oldests list manager in France, with some of our data owners marketing their lists exclusively through us since more than 25 years

Our list management policy is centered aroung a complete respect of legal framers, and in a totally transparents sales procces.